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Start the morning off right with this healthy dish!

Caramelized Oranges and Yogurt with Homemade Honey Almond Granola

Ingredients for Honey Granola

2 cups old-fashioned rolled oats

3/4 cups raw slivered almonds

1/2 tsp. fine-grain sea salt

1/4 tsp. cinnamon

1/4 tsp. ground ginger

Pinch nutmeg

1/4 cup olive oil

1/4 cup honey

1/2 tsp. pure vanilla extract

Ingredients for Caramelized Oranges

2 large oranges

3 tbsp. butter

1/2 cup light brown sugar

1/4 tsp. Cinnamon

Greek yogurt, for serving

Fresh mint, for garnish

Instructions for Honey Granola

Preheat the oven to 300 degrees F. Line a sheet pan with parchment paper. In a large mixing bowl, combine the oats, nuts, sea salt, cinnamon, ground ginger and nutmeg. Stir thoroughly to combine.

Stir in the oil, honey and vanilla. Turn the granola out onto prepared pan and spread it in an even layer. Bake for approx. 30 minutes, stirring halfway through. The granola should be light golden. Allow the granola to cool completely. It will become crispy when cooled.

Instructions for Caramelized Oranges

Cut one orange in half. Squeeze juice from orange, about 2 tbsp. Set aside. Cut remaining oranges each crosswise into 1/4 inch slices. Using sharp knife cut peel away from orange. (You can peel first, however, the orange may not stay as intact).

In a medium skillet, melt the butter over medium heat. Stir in the orange juice, brown sugar and cinnamon. Cook until brown sugar completely dissolves then add the orange slices to pan. Cook for approx. 3-4 minutes, spooning caramel mixture over orange slices.

Serve with Greek yogurt and top with the Homemade granola. Garnish with fresh mint!

Enjoy! 😉

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