• Antoinette

Affogato that I'm here in St. Louis! I thought I was in Italy! 🇮🇹

It is cold and snowy outside so I thought I'd make a delicious Italian dessert to warm me up a bit! When it comes to Italian desserts this is right up there on top of my list! It's incredibly easy and quick to make.

An affogato is more traditionally known as "affogato al caffe". In Italian this means "DROWNED!" It is a coffee based dessert in which you scoop out vanilla gelato or vanilla ice cream and "drown it" with a shot of hot espresso. There are many variations but if you want the authentic Italian version you would make it with just ice cream and espresso! (I added some yummy chocolate shavings though)! The perfect dessert for a cold snowy day!

Italian Affogato Drink


2 scoops vanilla gelato or ice cream, high quality

1 shot espresso dark chocolate , for grating on top (optional)


Place 2 small scoops of vanilla ice cream or gelato in cup or small bowl. Pour a shot of hot espresso over the ice cream.

Grate chocolate shavings on top!

Enjoy! 😉

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